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8 Best Online Games to Play With Family and Friends

Are you looking to spend more quality time with your loved ones in the middle of the lockdown? If so, why not choose to play some virtual games with them? Online games have always been the perfect recipe for killing boredom, but they can also be the perfect exercise for stimulating your brain and connecting with family and friends. At a time when social distancing is the norm and lockdowns are rampant, there is perhaps no better way to entertain yourself than by playing your favorite online games with people you love. Here are some of the best online games that you will relish playing with your loved ones:

  1. Heads Up: This can offer a laugh riot for the entire family when you have grandparents and kids both indulging in this exciting charade game. You can play this game for free once you have downloaded it from the Google Play Store and App Store. Heads Up is a fast-paced game and you have to guess a place, individual, or object using help from others. There are also even bitcoin mining games that can be taught to kids. It is expected to play a big part in their future. Already, crypto trading bots are very popular among the youngsters and sure to catch attention of these kids when they grow big. Go through this bitcoin bank bewertung 2021 review to learn about their efficacy.
  2. Werewolf: This is a role-playing game that can have many players and lets you use your brain cells to deceive your family members or friends so that you are the last person standing when a round ends. In every round, the crew must decide who is a meddling werewolf or an innocent villager. The goal of the game is to outdo the other team but you cannot be sure who your team mates are unless you observe or talk to them.
  3. Animal Crossing: This ever-popular Nintendo game can be played online when you download the app for free from the Google Play Store and App Store, but you can also make in-app purchases. You get to design your own imaginary world, picking out 100 animal characters. The New Horizons version sends you to a desert island where you may fish, relax, catch bugs or redecorate.
  4. Jeopardy: This app can be downloaded for free for both Android and Apple devices. It comes with a multiplayer feature making it a favorite for playing with friends and family. These game show apps are the perfect trivia options for families stuck indoors during the pandemic.
  5. Scrabble Go: This free-to-play competitive app allows you to compete against one another in matches, using tiles to make new words. With Scrabble Go, you can also expand your child’s vocabulary by helping them learn new words and challenge your own brain to come up with new words.
  6. Clue: This is your classic mystery board game that is now available for downloading through your App Store or Google Play Store. You can either play solo or opt for the multiplayer version. It has 10 themes, different difficulty levels, and brain teasers to keep you and your friends on the edge at all times.
  7. Lego Duplo World Game: This free-to-play app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store and is perfect for die-hard fans of Legos. While the game may target children below 4 years of age, there is a multi-touch feature that makes it a hugely popular family online game. As family members you can solve puzzles together.
  8. Monopoly: Can you ever go wrong with a classic board game like Monopoly when you play it on your mobile? Download the free app to play this exciting and entertaining game with friends and family remotely.